Energy based Treatments Radio franquency / Laser Treatment

Radio frequency based treatments

Discover superior solution to decrease wrinkles improve skin complexion reduce skin irregularities and provide a healthier younger looking you, using state of the art, radio frequency based treatments. Including:


Forma is effective skin tightening method using radio-frequency for the contouring the face. It is able to stimulate the formation of new collagen to improve skin elasticity for long lasting result. It is FDA approved can be used on any skin type.

Treatment includes one weekly sessions for 6 to 8 weeks.


FormaPlus uses fractionated radio-frequency energy to stimulate collagen production for body remodeling. To achieve more useful and toned skin contour. It is a skin treatment to address areas that require contraction and tightening. To various areas of the body including abdomen, arms (bad winds), inner thighs, outer thighs, back fat and knees.

Treatment includes one weekly sessions for 6 to 8 weeks.


Fractura is a fractional skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatment that reduces wrinkles to slow the effects of ageing and restore skin to its youthful appearance. It can be used to any area of the body. Most commonly to treatment areas include lower eyelid, upper eyelid, smile lines, forehead, cheeks, mouth and neck. In addition to acne scarring and discolouration.

Treatment includes retreatment regime ranges from 1 to 2 sessions. Depending on treats areas.


BodyFX addresses problematic fatty tissue in larger body areas such as the abdomen, back (flanks), and thighs. It works by using different clinically proven modalities including radio-frequency energy and negative pressure applied to the skin and underlying fat.


MiniFX is a non-invasive contouring and cellulite technology that delivers a combination of clinically proven modalities, similar to the BodyFX, however, addresses problematic fatty tissue in smaller areas like the neck, arms, and knees.


BodyTite is a minimally-invasive procedure that provides beautiful body without any incisions or downtime, delivering results only achieved through more extensive excisional surgical procedures. BodyTite is powered by RFAL (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) resulting in three-dimensional remodelling.


FaceTite is a minimally-invasive contouring solution for the face and smaller areas of the body. Achieving results similar to a facelift or Brachioplasty without excisional surgery, this is a safe, effective and exciting treatment that offers patients significant aesthetic changes.

Laser skin resurfacing

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